Your Personal Legal Health Check

Completing our Legal Health Check should take no longer than a few minutes. After you've submitted it, you'll receive a free assessment report that includes guidance on the steps you could take to protect yourself.

Any information you provide will be used solely for the purposes of compiling the report and dealing with any enquiries you may have, or advice you may request. Any information is securely stored consistent with our obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998.

The Legal Health Check

We think that it’s important to give you straightforward legal advice in a caring and trusted manner – especially when you need it most.

By completing our free Legal Health Check in just a few minutes, you can check your current circumstances to see your legal rights in a number of different areas. It offers you the information you need to prepare for your future and any possible changes in your personal life.

Why Do I Need A Legal Health Check?

If your personal or work situation has changed recently, our Legal Health Check will give you the confidence that comes from knowing your legal affairs are in order. 

We know that you will want to address any possible concerns, and we’ll help you prepare for the future.

Common Scenarios

We review your circumstances in important areas of the law. The Legal Health Check covers scenarios including: Register Login